Voyager 2.0.4 New Release

us New release of Voyager ready to download … 2.0.4, look at download section.

NEW => New Weather control with SAFETY management
NEW => New Tools Weather Control Simulator to simulate AAG CloudWatcher and Boltowood Clarity on File
NEW => Added two new DragScript Blocks to Enable and Disable the recognition of emergency events
NEW => Managed the SkyAlert Weather Station Card as a Weather control in File mode
MOD => Started Cartes Du Ciel program in normal window mode instead of minimized for software bugs present in CDC
MOD => SC Observatory, Now it is possible to manage the SC Array Sequence also to Array not connected
BUG => Incorrect management of CoolDown and Warmup in the Voyager ramp for the TheSkyX Camera AddOn control, possible timeout or non-cooling
BUG => SC Observatory, error in the fit temperature suffix in sequence, the temperature of the Array 1 was always erroneously taken
BUG => SC Observatory, Work Around temperature management report IsNaN Focuser

img_italia Nuova release di Voyager disponibile per il download .. 2.0.4 La trovate nella sezione download

NEW      => Nuovo controllo Weather con gestione SAFETY
NEW      => Nuovo Tools Weather Control Simulator per simulare AAG CloudWatcher e Boltowood Clarity su File
NEW      => Aggiunti due nuovi Blocchi di DragScript per Abilitare e Disabilitare il riconoscimento degli eventi d’emergenza
NEW      => Gestita la Scheda SkyAlert Weather Station come controllo Weather in modalità File
MOD      => Avviato programma Cartes Du Ciel in modalità finestra normale invece che minimizzata per bug software presente in CDC
MOD      => SC Observatory, Ora è possibile gestire la SC Array Sequence anche ad Array non connesso
BUG      => Errata Gestione CoolDown e Warmup nella rampa di Voyager per il controllo TheSkyX Camera AddOn, possibili timeout o mancato raffreddamento
BUG      => SC Observatory, errore nel suffisso di temperatura del fit in sequenza, veniva erroneamente preso sempre la temperatura dell’Array 1
BUG      => SC Observatory, Work Around gestione report temperatura Focheggiatore IsNaN