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Voyager Advanced

We have redefined the concept of Automation ...

  • The Time has come … Voyager Advanced is released !
  • Voyager Advanced is a further step towards full automation for astrophotography
  • We have redefined the concept of Automation by adding a powerful and configurable scheduler to Voyager, the RoboTarget.
  • Infinite power for infinite Targets, leave the RoboTarget organizing the shots according to your targets and the constraints you want to associate.

RoboTarget ...

A new section of Voyager where you can manage the running targets and look at progress. Robotarget is a configurable new automata that work over the sequence actions with an advanced logic and a powerful relational database.

RoboTarget Manager ...

A local or remote (LAN,WAN,Internet) manager for configure and query the RoboTarget Automata. Communication are encrypted. You can run it everywhere and manage more than one remote observatory with the same interface.  You can organize group of target for variuos profile and define targets and shots dinamically.

You can also preview the image stretched PixInsight like to inspect data and make rating actions.



Custom Horizon ...

Create complex custom horizon to use like altitude constraint in you RoboTarget configuration.

Advanced Moon Avoidance System

Advanced provide a powerful moon avoidance system based on Lorentzian avoidance. We have add capabilites to select 3 different profile od avoidance based on filters type. You can check directly waht you are configuring with a realtime chart.

Mixed to standard moon constraints you are able to perfom the most advanced avoidance system on the market

Automatic PDF Report

Voyager Advanced will generate for you a PDF report at end of each RoboTarget run with all information about the night. You can handle the report creation on DragScript and emailing to your address

Event Driven Handler for DragScript

You can quickly control all the events coming from RoboTarget Automata and define handling in realtime . Handler can be customizable for one, more or all the RoboTarget Events. This helps you to have all the things under control during the nights and having realtime feedback on operations

Astrometry, Exoplanet Transit & Survey Facilities ...

Special features available on the target and scheduling mode help Research team and/or single end user to achieve fast and reliable data at right time in the right mode

Want to know more ...

… look at our video tutorials about Voyager Advanced.


Voyager Advanced NEW License

1 User - 1 PC for Companies - 2 PCs for Private Citizens

  • Robotarget automata scheduler
  • robotarget remote manager multi Observatories
  • Custom Horizon With Offset
  • advanced moon avoidance lorentzian multi profile
  • automatic pdf report
  • robotarget scheduling events handler
  • remote jpg viewer
  • all voyager base features
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Voyager Advanced UPGRADE

1 User - 1 PC for Companies - 2 PCs for Private Citizens

  • RoboTarget Automata Scheduler
  • RoboTarget Remote Manager Multi Observatories
  • Custom Horizon with Offset
  • Advanced Moon Avoidance Lorentzian Multi Profile
  • Automatic PDF Report
  • RoboTarget Scheduling Events Handler
  • Remote JPG preview
  • All Voyager base features

Voyager Advanced RENEWAL

€ 116 1 year support and upgrades

Voyager OpenSkyGems Plugin

€ 59 1 PIER ONLY
  • JOIN and MANAGE the OpenSkyGems Network
  • Access and Manage Your Targets from Web Portal
  • Create your Private Astrophotographers TEAM and allow Team access to Target management
  • Sell to public SkyGems users network over the world your Observatory time/targets

24 hours after receiving the payment, we will send you a license file that will be imported into Voyager by using the Install License utility.