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Voyager Products & Service Purchase

How to proceed with the Payments:

Dear user We are changing the online payment system and we have eliminated Paypal from the modalities.

While waiting for the new system, it is possible to proceed with the purchase of services and products of the Voyager & Viking Suite using a bank transfer.

This is the information you need to make the transfer, the amount depends on the product / service you want to purchase:

Starkeeper di Orazi Leonardo

Reason for the transfer:  report the product you want to purchase

Bank : Intesa San Paolo – De Gasperi, 14 – 10129 – Turin – Italy

Account : 1000/00060614

IBAN :   IT23J0306901008100000060614

After the wire transfer, please send us by email the transfer receipt

We will send to you the license in 24h after receive the transfer.

If you need help or for further information please contact us at

Clear Skies
Voyager Staff